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Are you managing your accounts effectively? Do you know what your sales representative is doing? How is your sales team performing against forecast? These are common pitfall of a sales organization and sales automation system is solution. Claritas™ CRM helps you to shorter sales cycle, increase conversion rate and improve customer retention.

Harness lead into opportunities, and converting them into your customers! Claritas™ CRM provides you the perfect sales force system to track your sales activities and forecast sales pipeline. Sales team loves Claritas™ CRM because they got a central place to manage sales-related activities. And because Claritas™ is on the cloud, everyone can access the data with just an Internet connection – who says business application require expensive hardware and software? Suddenly, they are spending less time on administration and more time on closing deals.


Manage Sales Pipeline

With Claritas™ CRM, you have the entire sales pipeline and related sales activity at your grasp. We tailor the system to match your organization needs for cutting down paperwork and improve sales follow up process. You can manage your sales collaboration and establish consistent follow up process with out-of-the-box feature on sales appointment, client meeting, call enquiry and follow task. You are guaranteed insight into leads and opportunities at every stage of the sales cycle.

Turn leads into opportunity

The opportunity management module, combined with automated workflow such as lead routing, regular sales update and competitor tracking, can shorten overall sales cycle and process. Claritas™ CRM empowers your sales team everything they need to efficiently manage opportunities and quotation throughout the entire sales cycle, hence significantly increase efficiency and reducing costs. By analyzing into past sales history, Claritas™ lets you spend more time focusing on closing with the right customers, hence improve your sales qualification and win rate.

Increase Sales Success: Keeping Track of Customers and Competitors

Inadequate knowledge about a customer’s information creates a short-fall when trying to close a deal. Don’t ever go knock on client’s door for more orders when you know you have a pending issue with to be solved. Claritas™ gives you 360° view on client organization’s key stakeholders, case history, past purchases, quotation revisions, competitor listing and more. You can maintain detailed information on competitors associated with particular opportunities. You can also track customer activities by product, region or other criteria. And at the end of the day, you can look into sales viability to forecast sales, identify trends or problems, measure business performance and sales success.

Integrated Quotation Module

Claritas™ lets you create simple quotation and manage quotation revision, within you CRM application. The system let you browse through product catalog and included in quotation. You can specify the recommended pricing within the product catalog so that you can be sure that your sales team provides accurate costing and maintain consistent quotation to customers. Sales manager can perform quote revisions by adjusting discount on grand total or item level.

Benchmark Sales against Forecast

You can easily tabulate sales target top down for a sales team; or roll up sales commitment from individual sales executive. Either way, the flexible analytic tools lets every sales representative access to their own targets, plan & execute sales strategy, and keep track of their sales pipeline. Claritas™ establish clear dashboard and indicators for every person to measure their own success by comparing sales target vs. actual sales. For managers, the system gives real-time visibility into their team’s activities; hence able to forecast sales with confidence. In short, Claritas™ effectively bridge the gap between what is committed and what is achieved.


Claritas™ lets you have a centralized sales collaboration tool to keep track of customer sales data, from multiple branches or time zones. With the sales force automation solution, you practically have all customer information at your fingertips and definitely gain a competitive advantage when comes to competing for global deals. After all, CRM is about serving better value to customer and boosting customer confidence. Trust Claritas™ and improve your sales now!




Claritas™ CRM for Sales enable your sales staff to manage opportunities, sales pipelines, track competitor. It is truly the perfect tool to sell smart & sell fast!


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