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Boost Service Effectiveness and Increase Customer Satisfaction!

Today, customer demands uncompromised speed and responsive services across every channel from call center to email and social web. With Claritas™ CRM for Support, you will deliver it all under one integrated platform. Corporations can provide helpdesk support to their customers via a toll-free number, website and email. We have everything you need to amaze your customer and keep your support team productive.

Automate Your Support Processes

We revolutionize your customer support experience into a robust service process with features spanning across case routing, queuing, assignment, escalation and notification. System lets you keep track of customer complaints from various channels and sources. Feedbacks coming in from website, emails and calls; can be automatically created as a case to yield greater consistency. You can configure business rules for queue management and case auto-assignment based on type, priority or source. All email correspondence between staff and customer are logged within the case for traceability in the event case ownership transfer. Built-in workflow such as new case notification, customer satisfaction survey form, deadline reminder and overdue escalation, are part of the overall features helping you to increase effectiveness and standardizing support activities.


Track Service Level Systematically

Claritas™ supports multi-task escalation across business units with custom SLA (service level agreement). The feature of multi-issue escalation within a single case lets your measure internal KPI and external KPI independently. You can evaluate agent productivity by tracking the issue turnaround time; while the case aging report tells you how well you are delivering as per committed SLA. System lets you define holiday settings and custom work schedule, so that SLA for cases coming in during non-working day or outside office hour gets calculated accurately. Our success stories show that organizations have benefited with 27% increase in customer satisfaction – by ensuring your SLA commitment to your client is met!


Service and Contract Management

Claritas™ has the ability to track and monitor the service efficiency of your accounts, products and contracts. You can create job sheet or task calendar to keep track of field-based worker / technician deployed; and associate them to customer cases. If you are relying on third party vendor to deliver the services, you can transform Claritas™ CRM into facility management to monitor your supplier, ensuring they are delivering up to their service level promises. Contract management module is also included where you can add, edit and track contracts associated with products and companies. You can easily check on maintenance contract validity before deploying your service team; and create renewal reminder or expiry notification for account managers and customers.


Customer Self Help

With Claritas™, you can provide a 24x7 customer self-service portal to increase convenience for your customer to update personal profile, check status, create cases and find answers. It serves as the platform to enhance your customer experience. Your support team can keep in touch with customers at all time, ensuring that no single case is left out, or left too long without proper solution. It is quick to deploy, easy to manage and help you to keep your support cost under control.


Turn Experience into Knowledge Base

Transform customer feedbacks into clear and actionable knowledge! With the historical case and issue data, you can harvest deep into it and identify common support issues to establish solution base. Knowledge base can be used to speed up resolution time for similar problem in future. Claritas™ CRM expertly advises on troubleshooting steps and solution options based on category or product type. Supervisor can define best known methods in knowledge base and use it as document repository to train up new support staff.


Business support automation lets you provide the level of service that customer desire; and maintain the consistency that keeps agent at optimal performance. Streamlined process goes a long way in helping you resolve issues quickly and accurately, boosting both service effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Retaining customers and forming long-term customer relationship is the most important factor when comes to implementing a CRM solutions, and Claritas™ with its support & service management features, certainly lives up to its expectation - Helping You to Care for Your Customer!



74% of our customers who adopted Claritas™ CRM for Support experience increase in customer satisfaction through better response time and engagement strategy!


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